Wild & Free on 83 is a collaboration of several communities located along Highway 83, also known as the Texas Veterans Memorial Highway.


The towns of Childress, Wellington, Shamrock and Wheeler have each scheduled three days full of fun from Friday, July 31st through Sunday, August 2nd.


The multi-day, family-friendly event will include live music, art exhibits, scavenger hunts, helicopter tours, clay shoots, cookouts, block parties, golf tournaments, star watching, wine tasting and much more! 


Area residents are invited to discover the rich heritage of these communities by visiting points of interest in each town while enjoying events scheduled throughout the day.


“It’s an easy drive over for most people in the Panhandle,” says organizer Kristen Moudy with the Wheeler Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Center. “We hope our friends from neighboring towns will come experience what we have to offer along highway 83 and learn not only about our rich history but experience what makes up the fabric of our towns.”


Organizers hope to expand Wild & Free on 83 each year to include more stops along highway 83.

Discover the rich heritage of communities along the Texas Veterans Memorial Highway while enjoying dozens of exciting, family-friendly pitstops along the way! 

A full calendar of events for Wild & Free on 83 is on tap for Childress, Wellington, Shamrock and Wheeler. Mark your calendars now for July 31-Aug. 2, 2020!