Quanah Parker Arrows

There’s an amazing network of more than 70 steel arrows marking the sites where the Comanches, and their last chief, Quanah Parker, hunted, lived, traveled and fought.


The arrows, which stand at an impressive 22 feet, can be found in every Wild & Free on 83 community and tell the fascinating history of the Comanche presence in the Texas Panhandle.


Come see these impressive works of art by artist Charles A. Smith August 1-4 during Wild & Free on 83.


Discover the rich heritage of communities along the Texas Veterans Memorial Highway while enjoying dozens of exciting, family-friendly pitstops along the way! 

A full calendar of events for Wild & Free on 83 is on tap for Childress, Wellington, Shamrock and Wheeler. Mark your calendars now for July 31-Aug. 2, 2020!